Mat is the owner of the studio and the man behind starting Sursum tattoo.

Mat has a 2.1 degree in Fine Art Contemporary Media studies and an international Graphic design/illustration portfolio which spans from Canada to Australia. Mat has been is a self taught artist tattooing from 2013. Mat does most styles but prefers Traditional, geometric and any linear based tattoo. Mat wants to create the perfect tattoo for the client with the skill set he has and won’t compromise on quality. He has annual guest spots in London and LI New York. Mat prides himself on his family life, being a dad of three he appreciates every tattoo that comes through the doors to provide for his children.

“I work in lots of different styles, my go to is traditional, colour and geometry/black work. If I see that I can’t smash your tattoo I will do it to the best of my ability; if I can’t accommodate your requests I will guide you to an artist that will, either at our studio, a local studio or to a tattooist in the country I know will give you the best tattoo you need.

I’m a self taught artist with a consistent hunger for development, whether in my tattooing practice, drawing or painting I strive for perfection. I build my own machines that are primarily liners, this helps with knowing every part of what I’m doing. I pick so much on guest spots and being tattooed myself by different artists.

There are many artists I could list who do incredible work.


Trying to narrow this down for me is impossible but 3 artists whose work I always engage with online and appreciate their attitude and stature are.

@sneakymitch :Mitchell Allenden

@alex_bage : Alex bage

@paulokink : Paul Davies

If you have any enquires of what I’m about, catch up more on our Instagram @sursumtattoo


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