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Mateusz Malinowski

guest  artist

insta: @maseutattoo


Mateusz Malinowski born in Poland. Around 2000 he started painting graffiti in his home town Dzierzoniow. At the end of 2004 he started using hand crafted stencils to create his incredibly detailed paintings.

In 2013 Mateusz came to the UK, Nottingham to be precise. He changed his tag and started painting as Maseu. Inspired but the tales of Robin Hood Maseu started creating hooded characters; mixing historical imagery with a modern twist he was quickly scouted and invited to Nottingham Street Art Festival where he became a prize winning artist. His paintings were at “Hung Up street art gallery” in Nottingham. After this he became one of the finalists in the biggest stencil art event in the world the “Stencil Art Prize in Australia”.

In 2017 a friend introduced Maseu to tattooing, He bought his equipment and started tattooing his family and friends. Soon he started working in Victoria Ink, Nottingham. This is where he met and worked with awesome people, Maseu’s found working in a busy studio helped him improve his skills quickly.

In 2019 he moved to Narberth in West Wales with his girlfriend and knocked on the door of Sursum Tattoo.

Mat and Maseu instantly became mates and connected in both professional and social levels. Maseu has continued to develop and improve his techniques through working alongside Patrick and Mat, working in variety of different styles he will take any tattoo and make it incredibly well done. If black and grey realism is Maseu‘s favourite style.

Here’s three artist Mass is influenced by:

Anrijs Straume @anrijsstraume

John Craig @the_fake_tattooist

Alex Pancho @ad_pancho

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